Will The Bitmain Antminer E9 End GPU Shortage?

(Credits to BitMain Antminer E9)


The Chinese mining company, Bitmain is back at it again with its latest and greatest Antminer E9. The Antminer E9 is expected to launch soon, but Bitmain didn’t give us an exact or estimated date. Could the Antminer E9 allow GPUs to get in the hands of gamers?


Bitmain didn’t give us too much detail about their latest Antminer E9’s, but they did tell us that it draws up to 2,556W and has a power efficiency of about 0.85 J/M. It pulls less power making it a better opinion compared to its competitor, the Linzhi Phoenix ASIC miner.


Bitmain claims that the Antminer E9 can hash up to 3 GH/s which is on par with 32 RTX 3080’s. Although they claim it can do this, you’re going to be paying a hefty price. Twitter speculations put this product at around 30,000$, which is still cheaper than 32 RTX 3080’s. The question is, will miners switch to the Antminers or stick with GPU mining.


NVIDIA has also announced its brand new Mining Processors. These are focused on miners to provide high hash rates and hopefully separate the miners from the gaming GPU market. NVIDIA knows that miners provide a massive amount of revenue to their company. NVIDIA reported back that almost $300 million dollars of their Q4 revenue were from cryptocurrency mining sales.


We also have to remember though that there is a global chip shortage that is affecting production from cars to electronic companies. Computers are getting smarter each day, and many products are implementing them from small to large scales. Only time will tell if Bitmains latest invention, the Antminer E9 can pull in cryptocurrency miners. If miners can give up on gaming GPUs, we may possibly see light at the end of the tunnel for stock numbers.



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