NVIDIA LHR Has Been Cracked 70% of The Way with NBMiner

NVIDIA introduced Lite Hash Rate (LHR) a few months ago. As we expected, it would only take a few months before it was cracked. NBMiner has released an update earlier this morning, which allows for LHR Graphics Cards to achieve up to 70% of the Maximum Hashrate.


Here is the changelog that NBMiner released for v39.0




The NBMiner developers do note that 70% might not be stable on all cards. They recommend you start at 68% and work your way up. The developers do note that they are working on cracking LHR GPUs fully, allowing for the full hash rate. The new NBMiner update is available for both Linux & Windows.


For all the miners out there, 70% is better than the previous 50%. For gamers, were hoping this doesn’t prolong the shortage.

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