Amazon’s New World Beta Kills New NVIDIA 3090s

(Image Credits to EVGA)


Amazon released their closed beta of their latest MMO, New World. The beta launched on July 20th and is expected to run through August 2nd. Amazon states that the full game will be released on August 31st, 2021. Only a few days after the beta launched, several users reported their brand new 3090 graphics cards dying after loading into the menu of the game.


What may be causing this you might ask? Reports have shown that Frame Rates in the menus weren’t capped, causing graphics cards to pull too much voltage, frying the card. Users report that after clicking the play button on the game, their FPS shown was 0 which led to a windows error screen.

Amazon states that they provide users with “user select-able settings to reduce graphics, which correspondingly reduces GPU load if the player desires.” They have also stated that they have pushed an update, which limits the FPS in menus.


As you may know, 30 Series Graphics Cards are very difficult to come across right now. If you were one of the unfortunate few to brick your brand new 3090, EVGA has announced that they will replace all bricked 3090s for no charge. Other manufacturers have not yet announced if they will replace damaged graphics cards.



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