SpaceTech Provides
Top-Of-The-Line PC's
To Meet Your Needs!

Our team works to provide our customers with a top-of-the-line experience. We create each PC Build specific to your needs and budget. That’s the SpaceTech way.

Budget Friendly

We customize your build to get the highest performance within your budget. We are upfront about all pricing for each component.

High Quality Parts

We use only the highest quality parts from brands to make sure you love every second using your custom build.

Qualified Experts

The SpaceTech team has been building PCs for over 5 Years. The team takes the time to precisely build and cable manage your computer.

What Our Clients Say

Chris R

SpaceTech was the best place I could have ordered my PC from. It came out to be beautiful and shipped super fast even during a GPU shortage. 10/10 recommend

Logan L

Couldn’t be happier with the service provided. Fast turn around, great build advice, amazing cabling, and everything at MSRP. Best service I’ve had for a PC build bar none. Highly recommend getting your PC from SpaceTech if you’re looking for a headache free, quality build at a great price.

Johann B

When I got the PC I ordered it was beyond what I had expected. Not only did it ship fast, but it also had many additional features that made it look way better. I don’t know much about PCs, but I do know that the price I got it for was well worth it. I’m definitely going to recommend SpaceTech to people from now on. 10/10